Edged weapons of the
Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps

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Blankwaffen/Edged Weapons/Hirschfanger

Jägers carried small hunting style swords known as a class by a variety of names Hirshfanger (generally a straight blade), cuttoe (curved blade) hanger (blade could be curved or straight).  Below you can review a selection of images of original 18th century hunting swords and hangers.  These images are from a variety of online auctions and photos of items in personal collections.  While, none of us carry originals on the field.  We do carry reproductions of similar styles.  Jägers as riflemen were not able to mount bayonets, (rifles mounting bayonets was beginning in our period, but VERY uncommon) so swords were their only defense against cavalry or bayonets.  At one point during the Siege of Charleston when Lord General Cornwallis took over the siege works from General Clinton, he took a detachment of  Jägers as his security force.  They held the Rebel forces with the  city in such contempt they went out only armed with their hunting swords.  They were not fired upon.


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